Monday, September 29, 2014

Bath And Body Works Pumpkin Cupcake Candle, Velvet Sugar Perfume, Wild Madagascar Vanilla Perfume

Bath and Body Works

I got 2 Pumpkin Cupcake candles and some Velvet Sugar perfume from Bath and Body Works. They threw in a free Wild Madagascar Vanilla Perfume and it smells so good. I really didn't think this one would smell very good because of the name of it but it actually smelled amazing!
 If your looking for a Fall candle to use then you really need to try some of this Pumpkin Cupcake. They had lots of pumpkin candles to choose from but this one smelled the best to me.
The Velvet Sugar perfume smells really good too. I like to spray this in my hair. It really smells like sugar.