Monday, September 29, 2014

Bath And Body Works Pumpkin Cupcake Candle, Velvet Sugar Perfume, Wild Madagascar Vanilla Perfume

Bath and Body Works

I got 2 Pumpkin Cupcake candles and some Velvet Sugar perfume from Bath and Body Works. They threw in a free Wild Madagascar Vanilla Perfume and it smells so good. I really didn't think this one would smell very good because of the name of it but it actually smelled amazing!
 If your looking for a Fall candle to use then you really need to try some of this Pumpkin Cupcake. They had lots of pumpkin candles to choose from but this one smelled the best to me.
The Velvet Sugar perfume smells really good too. I like to spray this in my hair. It really smells like sugar. 

Friday, August 1, 2014

Paris Room Makeover- Eiffel Tower Themed Bedroom Pictures

Paris Room Makeover

I wanted to do my room in Paris so I went to Hobby Lobby and found lots of things to buy to add to my room. I will upload more pictures when my bookcases get here. I got two bookcases and they will go on each side of my bed. I got some vines with pink flowers on them and added them over the top of my doors in my room. I also added a flower vine around my Eiffel Tower lamp. It has a big pink bow on it with black and white stripes. I bought a Paris Eiffel Tower picture to hang on my wall and I also got a pink Eiffel Tower that sits on my desk. I bought some pink iron flowers to hang on the wall. I have one up but still have to hang the other one. I will add more pictures later. I got a pink and black clock. Pink and Black curtains. Black and white paper lantern lights that I added around my vanity mirror. There were lollipops that were added to my curtains on each end. I got a large cupcake holder that opens up to put stuff in. The two hanging black and white flower balls are still not up yet. I am waiting on my bookcases to get here to finish all that. My black chandelier was hung over my bed. I also bought a new bedspread and pillows. The chalkboard signs were hung up by my bathroom door. 

My Paris Eiffel Tower Lamp sitting on my small table.

Chalkboard wall decorations with words on them.

 Chalkboard Wall Decorations. With the words Paris, Bonjour, and Beautiful.

Black chandelier over my bed.

Pink flower vines over my doors.

Pink and Black Clock.

My Paris Wall Decoration.

I added some pink flower vines around the vanity mirror and then added my lantern lights over it. 

Flowers and lantern lights around my vanity mirror.

My flicker light inside of a glass holder with marbles. This is sitting on my vanity.

Lollipop Decorations over my window. 

Lollipop Decoration.

Lollipop decoration.

Lollipop Decoration close up.

My blue rhinestone scissors and holder I just had to have. :)

Pink Iron Flower Decor for my wall!

My fur zebra piggy bank shoe.

My glittery cupcake! The lid opens up so I can hide stuff in it. 

This is my pink Eiffel tower decoration that goes on my desk. Do you like my Food beanie? 
 I got it from Fresh Tops Crop Tops.

I will add more pictures of my stuff when it gets here. :) So be sure to check back!!! It should be here soon!!!

Melted Crayon Art

Melted Crayon Art 

What You Will Need
White Frame Board- got mine from Hobby Lobby (16x20)
Hot Glue Gun
Towel or Newspapers

Just hot glue your crayons down on the white board. Lay your newspaper or towel down. Then just blow-dry your crayons on LOW heat. If you do HIGH heat then it will look like mine and will go everywhere.